Ikwu Isi ọdịnaya

Executive Order 12 - Policies Concerning County Operations - 3/16/2020



Policies Concerning Operational Adjustments, Employee Policies, and Access to Facilities

Ọ BỤRỤ na, E gburu Executive Order No. 10 na March 13, 2020, na-ekwupụta ọnọdụ mberede na St. Louis County metụtara ozugbo na nnukwu ihe ize ndụ dị na ahụike, nchekwa, na ọdịmma nke ndị St. Louis County nke ahụ bụ. nke COVID-19 gosipụtara;

Ọ BỤRỤ na, Executive Order No. 11 was executed on March 15, 2020, further restricting public gatherings and other appropriate provisions;

Ọ BỤRỤ na, St. Louis County’s policies concerning its employees should reflect its commitment to the health and wellbeing of its employees and to the protection of public health throughout the region;

UGBUA, YA mere, M, Sam Page, County Executive, St. Louis County, Missouri, mere ugbu a BỤRỤ na Gwa ndị a:

  1. The Executive Director of Operations shall institute such operational adjustments as are necessary to:
    1. protect the health, safety, and welfare of the people of St. Louis County;
    2. protect the health of County employees, contractors, other individuals who access County facilities;
    3. ensure the continued delivery of critical services;
    4. ensure, to the extent reasonably possible, the continued delivery of all other services in as manner that is as efficient and effective as possible considering the circumstances; and
    5. ensure that all departments implement appropriate health and safety protections including employing social distancing techniques (dịka, reducing the number of staff, reducing face-to-face contact, and using phone calls, virtual meetings, and drop-offs/curbside pickups rather than in-person contact) and deploying personal protective equipment where necessary.
  2. The Personnel Director shall promulgate such rules, orders, policies, and guidance as are necessary to:
    1. ensure that the County treats its employees with respect and dignity;
    2. promote the efficient, effective, and responsible delivery of County services;
    3. require sick employees to stay home from work;
    4. require employees to be isolated or quarantined as required law;
    5. require employees who have engaged in any travel outside of the St. Louis area to obtain approval by the Director of the Department Public Health before returning to work;
    6. ensure employees are able to care for their children while schools and day care centers are closed because of the spread of COVID-19;
    7. encourage employees to care for their loved ones; and to
    8. ensure employees are fairly compensated for their services and dedication to the County.
  3. The Personnel Director shall present this Executive Order and any rules, orders, policies, and guidance promulgated pursuant to Paragraph 2 of this Executive Order to the St. Louis County Civil Service Commission at the earliest available opportunity for its approval and confirmation.
  4. The Director of the Department of Administration shall adopt such rules, orders, policies, practices, and guidance as are necessary to restrict official travel of employees except for travel relating to the County’s COVID-19 response.
  5. The Director of the Department of Public Health, in consultation with the Director of the Department of Transportation and Public Works, may issue an order restricting the general public’s access to any St. Louis County facility so long as access is restricted only in a manner that is tailored to protect public health or the health of County employees, all such restrictions are publicly posted at the entry to any County facility to which the restrictions apply and on the County website, and so long as any such restrictions are consistent with the constitutions of the United States and of the State of Missouri.  The Superintendent of Police shall have the authority to enforce any such order.
  6. Every department shall take reasonable efforts to provide public notice of the cancellation of any County-sponsored events, meetings, or other events, including posting any such cancellation on the County website.
  7. All rules, orders, policies, and guidance promulgated pursuant to this Executive Order shall be immediately enforceable to the greatest extent permitted by law.
  8. This order shall be effective immediately upon my execution hereof and it shall expire only upon the expiration of the state of emergency.

EKWERE iwu this sixteenth day of March 2020.