Ikwu Isi ọdịnaya

When licensing a vehicle, you no longer need to bring in a paper receipt and thus we do not automatically mail receipts anymore.  If you would like a paper receipt, you will still be able to print an official receipt from our website after your payment has posted.

Payments made directly on our website post within two business days, but we cannot provide a posting time estimate for mailed payments. Please contact the Collector's office if you need a paper receipt mailed to you. 

Personal property taxes (for your car, motorcycle, trailer, etc.): Personal Property lookup

Real estate property taxes: Ozi Ala na ụlọ

Due to the volume of tax payments received at the end of the year, processing takes well into January. This means your check may not clear your bank quickly and you won’t be able to print your receipt until sometime in January.

Important: If you need a receipt quickly, you should pay directly on our website. You will be able to print an official receipt from our website two business days after you made your payment. That receipt is accepted for license plate renewal.  If you prefer to pay in person, please hazie oge atọrọ n'ọfịs nke masịrị gị.

I nwekwara ike ịga na office of your choice to pay in person and receive your receipt.