Ikwu Isi ọdịnaya

These charts compare the burden of COVID-19 across different groups within the St. Louis County population by standardizing the size of those groups.

The categories for age, sex, & race are consistent for both COVID-19 cases & deaths.

For each group, a rate is calculated by dividing the number of individuals with COVID-19 in the group by the population size of the group and multiplying the result by 100,000.

When displaying case information by race, some racial categories have been combined due to low population sizes. The race categories of Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander have been combined into ‘Asian American and Pacific Islander.’

Cases with missing or incomplete race information are not included in these rates. About 20% of cases have incomplete race information.

Information about Hispanic or Latino ethnicity is not included in these displays due to high rates or missing or incomplete ethnicity information. Less than 20% of cases have complete ethnicity information.